Colorectal Cancer Therapeutics

Bertech has in-licensed cytotoxic compounds which are structurally divergent from established drugs and have equal or increased potency than current anticancer drugs. The compounds are devoid of the genotoxic properties of many contemporary anticancer drugs and therefore are better tolerated with reduced side effects. The antineoplastics can also reverse multi-drug resistance. The compounds are in pre-clinical development and Bertech is exploring utilizing antibodies from its other development programs to add a targeting system to the compounds.

Bertech intends to develop these compounds in conjunction with a collaborative partner with extensive experience in new compound/treatment development.


Bertech’s compounds have significant advantages for treatment of CRC patients which include:

Increased potency
A lead compound has been identified having a mean IC50 figure of 0.56 μM against a panel of approximately 60 human tumour cell lines. Furthermore, this molecule displayed remarkable potency with IC50 values of < 0.005-7.25 μM against a panel of human colon cancer cell lines which compare favorably with 5-fluorouracil (IC50 figures of 2.0-18.6 μM). Better tolerated-reduced side effects
The compounds are well tolerated in animal models.

Reverse multi-drug resistance.
The compounds are highly effective revertants of P-glycoprotein associated multidrug resistance.