Bertech’s lead product, a novel, colorectal cancer diagnostic test utilizing a protein biomarker, will diagnose colorectal cancer through a simple blood test.

Bertech has developed a diagnostic prototype — an immunohistochemical test — that detects the biomarker in a patient’s blood using standard clinical laboratory techniques. The diagnostic prototype has been tested and its utility has been demonstrated in CRC animal models and in pilot studies. Bertech has begun pivotal trials to provide additional validation data.

Bertech is also developing the commercial prototype of the final test system to be used in the market. We will achieve this by integrating an automated test platform with the technology, based on ELISA methods. This simple blood test could be added to a standard panel of blood tests carried out by a medical laboratory when requested by the physician.


Ease of Compliance
A simple blood test for screening leads to increased screening.

Higher accuracy
Initial results indicate the test will have greater sensitivity and reduce false positives in comparison to current screening systems.

Early-stage detection
Bertech expects its test to detect early stage CRC as the biomarker has been shown to be expressed at high levels in specific blood cells of early-stage CRC patients.

Bertech’s test will be based on an inexpensive automated ELISA platform.

Reduced treatment costs
Earlier detection of colorectal cancer and reduction in false positives (reducing the necessity for follow-up colonoscopies) will lower health care costs.

Increased survival rates
Early detection and treatment assessment will improve survival rates.