Treatment Assessment

Bertech is also developing a proprietary ELISA assay that can monitor a patient’s immune response to treatment for colorectal cancer (CRC). This will allow the clinician to determine if the immune system is “turned on” to fight against cancer cells.

Our assay provides a novel blood test for clinicians to monitor the nature of a patient’s immune response over time to therapy and modify treatment regimes in order to maximize the effectiveness of the patient’s immune system to fight against the cancer. This product is in pilot studies.


Improved treatment outcomes
Potential to utilize the biomarkers to assess effectiveness of treatment regimes.

Cost-effective treatment
Biomarkers allow assessment of treatment’s effectiveness, ensuring the use of the appropriate therapy.

Clinical trial endpoint
Potential to utilize biomarker to assess therapeutics effectiveness during clinical trials.

Post-treatment follow-up
Biomarkers used in a screening or diagnostic assay may be used in a blood assay to monitor patients post-treatment.